The WISE Network

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What is WISE Network?

The WISE Network is LogFi solution based on Helium LoRa Network. We are Helium network facilitator, determained to rollout a well-balanced, optimized Helium network.

Establish The WISE Network as backbone, rollout IoT devices based on The WISE Network.

Revolutionizing the IoT Landscape​

money (1)

Sit back and relax while our Hotspot Miner earns you


Our equipment and installation is designed to maximize your earnings.


Track earnings and receive payment directly to your bank each month.

Easily earn from the Helium Network

Once the Hotspot Miner is installed, you will be able to track rewards in our dashboard.

All data is encrypted through the Helium Blockchain.

Hotspot Miners are only used to connect to the Helium Network through encrypted protocols.

Simple Earnings

When the Hotspot Miner connects to the Helium Network it earns HNT tokens. We pay you a portion of the earnings in your local currency.

Get started in 3 easy steps


If your address is within our coverage area, you are eligible to host one of our Hotspot Miners.


Our technicians will schedule a time to perform the installation and manage the entire process.

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Sit back and relax while your Hotspot Miner earns you passive income.

What our customers have been asking?


Our Hotspot Miners earn rewards for helping devices connect to the internet. We provide the hotspot, complete a fully optimized install, and convert the tokenized earnings to local currency. For hosting the Hotspot Miner in your home, we share the earnings with you.

The Helium Network is a decentralized wireless protocol. It’s becoming the connectivity gateway for Internet of Things devices such as Lime scooters, smart trackers, and parking meters.

Helium Hotspots are designed to use very low bandwidth but with a constant flow of data, so it’s not necessary to have high speed, but it is important to have a stable connection. You should not see any noticeable difference in your internet speeds after installing one of our devices.

One of our partners will schedule a time with you for installation. They will meet you onsite at your property and work with you to find the ideal placement for the Miner. Once the Hotspot is properly installed, our partner will configure the device and run some tests. After that relax while you earn passive income.

Our Hotspot Miners only uses 5W of energy, the same as a lightbulb. They are very efficient devices and are designed to use minimal electricity.

As a referrer you earn upto 5% of the referring host’s Relay device.

Note: the referral program currently is not publicly available. Please email us to learn more.

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